Sir Richard Branson digs into World Champion Cornish Pasty’s

Sir Richard Branson digs into World Champion Cornish Pasty’sSir Richard Branson was aboard the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II and was in town for a reunion event after the vessel broke the record. As they cruised on board the boat into Fowey, Branson was presented with a box full of award winning Cornish delicacies by Matt Andrews.

Mr Richard Branson later tweeted a picture of himself relishing one of the pasties, calling them ‘very tasty indeed’. The treats were presented in one of Pasty Presto’s newly designed boxes that ensure that while transportation the Cornish classic remain free of a soggy bottom.

The show Pasty Presto’s won this year’s World Pasty Championships which took place at the Eden Project and won the World Championship Pasty award which is one of the most coveted awards for their traditional Cornish Pasty.

Adding a new dimension Virgin Atlantic would be livening up the on-board entertainment on their domestic flights and they would be doing this by staging mini-gigs in midair. Following the success of The Little Red flights that run between Heathrow, Edinburgh, Manchester and Aberdeen that have already hosted comedians, Mr Branson announced that musical performances will begin on board the flights in September.