British-born Astronaut Michael Foale Retires from NASA

British-born Astronaut Michael Foale Retires from NASAMichael Foale, British-born astronaut has retired from NASA. Mr. Foale, who is holding UK-US citizenship, is said to have spent 375 days in orbit.

Though a number of accomplishments are in the kitty of Mr. Foale, one thing that is at the top of the list is that he is considered to be the most experienced British-born astronaut in the human spaceflight’s history.

He has given his 26 years to NASA. From flying many shuttles to going on tours at the International Space Station, he has done all. It has been found that he has gone to Mir platform and has operated Soyuz missions.

He is now leaving NASA so that he can help in the development of electric aircraft. Main aim of the coming up with the electric aircraft is to bring advancements in green aviation technology.

"Starting with his first flight, shuttle mission STS-45, when we flew together in 1992, Mike has worked tirelessly to support NASA’s quest to explore the unknown”, said Charlie Bolden, former fellow astronaut.

He continued by affirming that they would like to salute Mike for the contributions he has made to NASA. Not only this, he has been one of the great members of the astronaut corps.