Apple’s board of directors concerned about the company’s lack of recent innovation

Apple’s board of directors concerned about the company’s lack of recent innovationA Fox Business report has recently revealed that tech giant Apple's illustrious board of directors is apparently concerned about the company's slow pace of innovation --- or, more precisely, the lack of any visible innovation of late.

Despite the fact that Apple had refreshed its laptop lineup a few months back, the key cause for concern for the company's board of directors is that no revolutionary device has been launched by the company since 2012. In other words, there has been a glaring lack of industry-leading smartphones, tablets and other hardware from Apple.

According to the report, Apple's board of directors - including luminaries such as former US Vice-president Al Gore, Intuit chairman Bill Campbell, Disney CEO Robert Iger, and J. Crew's Millard Drexler - are of the opinion that the long product drought which Apple has gone through has given its competitors a chance to ramp up innovation, particularly in the smartphone arena.

What is seemingly bothering the Apple directors is that Apple's rivals - Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, and Motorola, among others - have not only introduced class-leading smartphones which boast distinct hardware and software experiences, but have also launched new tablets that challenge the dominance of the iPad.

Noting that Apple has not done much in the name of innovation lately, Fox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino said that the concern of the directors "is basically manifesting into pressure on (CEO) Tim Cook to innovate -- do something fast."