Second-Quarter Earnings for Facebook

Second-Quarter Earnings for FacebookReports have said that Facebook has exhibited great results in second quarter of its fiscal 2013. According to experts, it has shown striking growth in its advertising and payments businesses. Advertising revenue, and payment and fees witnessed hike for Facebook.

The social network's average revenue per user in the second quarter was $1.60. This means that there has been 18.5% increase from the previous quarter. Besides, it witnessed 25% hike from the second quarter a year ago.

Facebook's earnings have reverberated experts' ears. They have nullified the expectations of the experts.  In this quarter, revenue for the Facebook was $1.81bn. This is 53% more than last year in this quarter. There has been 88% (or $1.6bn) revenue from advertising, and 61% from Q2 2012.

This is for the first time that Facebook crossed one million active advertisers. Even the ad revenue from the all-important mobile sector witnessed an increase.

The figures unveil that in the third quarter of 2012, mobile ads culminated in 14% of the total revenue. These figures have steadily moved up with each successive quarter. Mobile ads made around 41% of Facebook's total ad revenue in Q2 of 2013.

Payments and fees witnessed an increase from 11% in year-ago quarter, to a total of $214m.