Dinosaurs Not Cold-Blooded as Reptiles

Dinosaurs Not Cold-Blooded as ReptilesA recent report has been claiming that dinosaurs were more warm-blooded than they have been ever thought to be. Also, while they are believed to be cold-blooded just akin to reptiles, they actually were not.

The study was conducted by researchers from Adelaide University. Professor Roger Seymour from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences said that the cold-blooded dinosaurs probably lacked the muscle required to prey on other creatures.

The energy produced by a large crocodile at peak exertion was considered by the latest analysis. It has been told that the crocodile, at 200 kilograms, produced 14% of the energy produced by a similar-sized mammal.

The results hinted that the absolute power needed for exercise was lacked by cold-blooded crocodiles. Also, they did not have the endurance, which is evident in warm-blooded mammals.

Blood and muscle lactate measurements, which had been collected by researchers at Monash University, Wildlife Management International and the University of California, were drawn on by Professor Seymour so as to reach the conclusion. It is being said that a crocodile-like dinosaur was not able to compete against a same-sized mammal-like dinosaur.

"Much can be learned about dinosaurs from fossils but the question of whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded or cold-blooded is still hotly debated among scientists", said Prof Seymour.