Researchers Fear Sydney Temperature will Rise by 2050

Researchers Fear Sydney Temperature will Rise by 2050Sydney is a developed city and so its outskirts are not spared from the urban developments. With a rise in the development in the regions surrounding Sydney, researchers claim that Sydney's temperature will rise by approx 4 degrees by 2050.

The above announcements have been recently made by the Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science at the University of New South Wales. After thoroughly studying the "urban heat island effect" and how urban environments trigger the temperatures, experts have arrived at a conclusion that Sydney temperatures will also see a rise in the coming years.

The researchers explain that when urbanization will get combined with the global warming, both the factors will increase the temperature in the new areas on the fringes of Sydney by approx 3.7 degrees and the set deadline is by the year 2050.

Lead researcher Mr. Daniel Argueso said that the urban areas closer to the CBD will also experience a hike in their temperature with the areas getting warmer by up to 2.5 degrees.

"These changes have already been happening in areas we have built but it's been little by little, and there hasn't been a massive change in the night temperature due to climate change," he said.