Plus-size models damage self-esteem

Plus-size models damage self-esteemA study has stated that self-esteem of women was not only damaged by size zero models, but over size models had the same impact.

Researchers at Arizona State University, the University of Cologne in Germany, and Erasmus University in the Netherlands conducted the study and it stated that gaining market share was doubtful for brands that use heavy models in their ads.

Naomi Mandel, marketing associate professor at ASU said, "We believe it is unlikely that many brands will gain market share by using heavy models in their ads. We found that overweight consumers demonstrated lower self-esteem - and therefore probably less enthusiasm about buying products - after exposure to any size models in ads versus ads with no models."

The self-esteem of normal BMI girls' as depended on the type of images they saw. They felt good by seeing a moderately thin model and it gave them a good feeling but they got worried when they saw a moderately heavy model as they thought that they were similar and overweight.

Changes can be prompted through these findings.

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