It’s Shocking, 640 Females in Birmingham Hospital Get Treatment for Genital Mutilation

It’s Shocking, 640 Females in Birmingham Hospital Get Treatment for Genital MutilationIt has been revealed 640 females have been treated at a Birmingham hospital for genital mutilation. Heartlands Hospital, in Bordesley Green, is a specialist centre in the UK and treats victims of cruel ritual.

National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children released shocking statistics that showed 1,700 victims in the past two years. Out of those, 40% were from the West Midlands area.

The charity has launched a helpline in a bid to prevent children from undergoing the oppressive genital mutilation.  Female genital mutilation is usually practiced by the African, Asian and Middle Eastern communities in the UK.

According to experts, this illegal and barbaric ritual has high potential to lead young victims suffer from physical and psychological problems, continuing even in adulthood.

The ritual does not involve any anesthetic, which makes it further worse as victim has to suffer unbearable pain.  Victims are generally in the age group of four to 10 yrs, but some are babies.

Nasheima Sheikh is the deputy chief executive of Solihull Women's Aid.  She said that their group is continuously making efforts to create awareness in the area, which has resulted in more enquiries to them and statutory bodies.  There had been 12 FGM enquiries to the police from January to June this year.

Lisa Harker, NSPCC head of Strategy, said, "Like other forms of abuse if female genital mutilation is not exposed it will continue to thrive and more children will suffer".


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