Unknown Disease Killing Bighorns in Mojave National Preserve

Unknown Disease Killing Bighorns in Mojave National PreserveA fatal disease has been found taking lives of many desert bighorn sheep southwest of Las Vegas, in the Mojave National Preserve. Therefore, Californian wildlife experts along with those of Nevada have warned regarding the disease.

The National Park Service's officials said that they might need to collaborate with California Department of Fish and Game and way out to killing a few bighorns. Since, the same could prove helpful in averting the spread of the illness through the biggest herd in the 1.6 million-acre preserve.

Linda Slater, a spokesperson for Park Service, said that last month, as many as 20 sheep were found dead on Old Dad Mountain, which is some 15 miles southeast of Baker, Calif. Tests were conducted on them, which showed that some of them had got a strain of pneumonia. Usually, the same is transferred by domestic goats and sheep, but is deadly for bighorns.

As per the findings, game wardens have now been wandering if they should capture sheep that show symptoms of sickness. However, the same could not be much to end the spread.

"To really get rid of the disease, you have to kill every animal, but that's not practical or likely to happen. There are no good management options", Slater was cited as saying.