Tokyo District Court says Samsung violated Apple 'bounce-back' patent

Tokyo District Court says Samsung violated Apple 'bounce-back' patentIn a Friday ruling in the Apple-Samsung patent-infringement lawsuit in Japan, Tokyo District Court Judge Shigeru Osuga said that Samsung had violated rival Apple's patents pertaining to visual effects for touch panels.
Although Judge Osuga's ruling has gone in favor of Apple, a statement from the court has revealed that the judge has not yet ruled on either the amount of damage compensation or a timeframe for providing one.
According to Judge Osuga's ruling, Apple's so-called 'bounce-back' patent was infringed by Samsung for its smartphones and a tablet. The verdict marks a noteworthy win for Apple which had claimed that Samsung's devices had violated its patent on the way the screen of an iPhone and iPad appears to bounce when a user scrolls to the end of a file.
With Apple having accused Samsung of copying the 'bounce-back' feature for some of its earlier smartphones and a tablet, Samsung has already brought about a change in its interface on latest models, which now show a blue line at the end of documents.
In response to the recent ruling by Judge Osuga, Samsung spokesman Nam Ki-yung said the company intends to first review the ruling; and then decide whether it will appeal. However, Apple has thus far made no official comments on the ruling.