Laughter is More than Just Laughter

Laughter is More than Just LaughterLaughter industry has been growing at a good rate as more and more people are signing up for the services around Britain. Corporations, schools, behavioral experts, religious leaders and health workers are strengthening their efforts to involve more and more people in laughter sessions.

Studies have revealed that laughter offers several health benefits. More and more people are now enrolling to laughter yoga sessions, festivals, telephone clubs, laughter-fuelled religious services and workshops.

The UK's Laughter Network was launched nine years ago and it has now registered more than triple the members since its establishment.  Barclays and consultancy firm Ernst & Young are the companies that have reportedly had their employees sign up for laughter workshop.  It can charge £500 an hour for corporate rates.

Lotte Mikkelson, a laughter yoga trainer, has trained more than 600 teachers in Britain. He makes between 20 and 40 people to laugh each day in her non-telephone club.  Lotte said that laughter is more than just laughter.

She added, "We're frowned upon in society if we do big, roaring belly laughs, but laughter club is a safe space to really laugh from the belly; you really get an exchange of air, it jogs internal organs, and you benefit physically".


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