Web inventor Berners-Lee: Governments and companies are 'trying to take control of the Internet'

 Governments and companies are 'trying to take control of the Internet'Terming the recent revelations about the US government "spying" on Internet users as "deeply concerning," Sir Tim Berners-Lee – the inventor of the World Wide Web – has warned that the founding principles of the web are being undermined by the attempts which are being made by governments and companies “to take control of the Internet.”
Sir Tim’s warning comes at a time when some recent reports have revealed that the US government has been collecting huge amounts of personal data of Internet users from companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and a few other Internet firms.
According to Sir Tim, there is need for greater legal protections for privacy online because “unwarranted government surveillance” amounts to an intrusion on basic human rights; thereby threatening the very foundations of a democratic society.
In his warning about the authorities’ uncalled-for spying on the Internet users, Sir Tim said one of the biggest threats which the Internet is currently facing is from “people who want to control it on the sly,” with the help of “worrying laws” like SOPA and the US anti-piracy act, as well as via the actions of bigwig Internet firms.