19-Year-Old Survives Fatal Sodium Content in Bloodstream

Fatal-SodiumPublished lately in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, a report has uncovered that a boy in his teenage, who had consumed almost a litre of soy sauce, has still survived without suffering brain damage.

It is being said that such a huge blast of sodium and that too as initiation, is not easy to survive. It was a severe case of hypernatremia. The same is a condition, which is realized following entrance of high content of sodium in the bloodstream.

The University of Virginia student was just 19 then. He was a Zeta Psi fraternity pledge at the university in the year 2011. After an inquest into the incident, the fraternity was asked to close for two years.

It has been unveiled that the student, in a hazing accident, had taken almost a bottle of soy sauce. In fact, he also was challenged to eat matzo balls, gefilte fish and dog food.

Study researchers told that the salt concentration found in his blood came out to be the highest as compared to the amount documented in the adults, who managed to survive without "neurologic deficits".

However, the university boy had reached in a comatose state at an emergency room with seizure-like activity after two hours of drinking the soy sauce. But, he received treatment and got discharged four days later.