New Campaign Urges Men to Take Action on Depression and Anxiety

New Campaign Urges Men to Take Action on Depression and AnxietyA new campaign dubbed Man Therapy is asking the men across Australia to fight depression and anxiety.  The campaign has received funding from the federal government.

Data revealed that suicide is emerging as the leading cause of deaths of males of ages between 15 and 44 in Australia.  According to Mental Health Minister Mark Butler, number of men who lost their lives to suicides in 2011 was two times of that who died in road accidents.

It emerged that the reason behind the rising issue was that men didn't take any help to deal with their mental health problems.  The new campaign is focused on changing that aspect by solving the problems of men by humor.

The campaign is being launched by Beyondblue.  Jeff Kennett, the Chairman of Beyondblue said that men don't accept it if they are in depression or anxiety because they think that it will present a weak image of their personality.

Mr.  Kennet said that men don't want to seek help because they see it as a failure but sometimes it is important.  The new campaign is aimed at changing this attitude of theirs, he added.

"The fact is even strongest men can develop depression or anxiety in the same way that they can develop a physical illness, but life can improve dramatically with right action", Mr.  Kennet said.