Model Helicopter Moved by Thoughts

Model Helicopter Moved by ThoughtsA team of experts have hailed a novel development of special electrodes as a step towards helping paralytic patients. According to them, all those who suffer from neurodegenerative disorders will be beneficiaries of this.

Lead author Bin He, a professor with the University Of Minnesota College Of Science and Engineering has said, "Our study shows that for the first time, humans are able to control the flight of flying robots using just their thoughts, sensed from noninvasive brain waves".

An experiment has started in this regard. It was discovered that five people were able to control a model helicopter with their thoughts. This is considered as first step to prepare robotic devices that can help paralytic patients.

It was observed during the study that minds of people could control four-blade helicopter with precision. Behavior of brain was studied by the researchers. The ones who were present for the experiment were wearing a cap possessing 64 electrodes. Brain activity of participants was captured for the study. Then the signals were relayed to helicopter over Wi-Fi.

During the experiment, the participants were asked to give directions to the helicopter. They were told to command the device. This included giving directions to move right, left, lift and then fall.