Loop Quantum Gravity Simplifies Black Hole Mystery

Loop Quantum Gravity Simplifies Black Hole MysteryA number of theories exist around the black hole. A group of researchers from Pennsylvania State University have also come up with a novel theory named as loop quantum gravity in 2006.

As per their theory, instead of singularity, black hole is a portal to other universe. The theory makers said that they do not agree with the belief that universe Big Bang into existence from nothing.

In fact, according to them, the universe was shrinking to a great extent and then exploded. The process is subject to repetition. Since then theory has been used in a number of cases.

It has been recently found that two researchers Rodolfo Gambini from University of the Republic and Jorge Pullin from Louisiana State University have used the theory. They have used the theory in order to lessen the complexity level of the black hole.

As per their theory, everything did not get pull into black hole. In fact, their size got reduce to a certain extent and after reaching at a certain small size it was sent into a new universe.

The theory is said to be having substance, said Gambini and Pullin. They continued by affirming that if the theory has potential to fill in the information loss gaps.