China Promises to Restrict Greenhouse Emissions by 2016

China Promises to Restrict Greenhouse Emissions by 2016China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) have made an announcement that the country will restrict its greenhouse emissions by 2016, which has been refused by China to commit on these global guidelines. The rising levels of toxic pollution in China is suffocating it industrial centres which made it change to the greener policy.

The proposal announced and initiated by NDRC will need an approval from Cabinet before its enactment. NDRC is a government organ responsible for socio-economic growth planning, have predicted that if China keep on working on the same rate of emissions, the carbon emissions will be at its peak by 2025.

The rampant economic growth of China in these few recent years has given it the post of the largest emitter of carbon dioxide throughout world. China has also surpassed US in this race. The world records suggest that China is responsible for emitting quarter of all the greenhouse gases generated by all other countries. The follower of China is North America which is generating 17.6% greenhouse gases all over globe.

Tomas Wyns, director of the Center for Clean Air Policy-Europe (CCAP), recently checked for the China's carbon markets. He said, "Designing legislation at the national level takes time so it makes perfect sense that they are starting work on those things so that things are ready during the next Five-year plan".


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