Australia Lacks in Safety Regulation in Medicine Field, says HIV Nurse

Australia Lacks in Safety Regulation in Medicine Field, says HIV NurseA former US nurse, who had visited Melbourne to attend a nursing conference, has contracted HIV and hepatitis C through a needle injury. Since then, Dr Karen Daley has been campaigning for safety.

Daley was of the view that in comparison to the US and Europe, Australia is quite behind when it comes to health safety regulations. America has safety devices compulsion since 2001 and the European Union countries also have their regulations.

But, when it comes to Australia there is nothing of such sort. Daley was of the view that Australia is such a forward-thinking and then also it lacks in such facilities, is quite disappointing.

Daley met with the accident when the needle protruding from a conditioner infected her in 1998. Though she was aware of the fact that her injury was preventable, she was not sure about the fact that will she remain alive or not.

Daley said without a doubt need injuries are such that they are entirely preventable yet most dangerous in medicine profession.

Daley, President of the American Nurses Association, was of the view, "Hospitals and the health sector need to take up the challenge to be proactive in protecting their staff".


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