Richard Branson: Full of Energy

 Full of EnergyRichard Branson, chairman of Virgin Group, was found to be quite happy to see Virgin Galactic's completion of first rocket-powered flight.

He shared thoughts about his business plans. Branson was of the view that motivation and inspiration are things, which he does not seek, but they are quite important aspects of his work.

Branson says he is quite energetic by nature and he tries to use the same in all his businesses. Branson gets excited with every new idea and likes to share the same with the world there and then. Though a number of people might find the same as a boasting act, Branson has different explanation for the same.

He likes to share his thoughts with others as he finds the same as motivating. There are a number of ideas, which people find unrealistic. But Branson said that he and team likes to take up challenges and sharing impossible thoughts gets a bit realistic when they are shared with people.

Branson shared that they have come up with some best ideas that people find impossible and credit for the same for the same goes to their April Fools' Day jokes.  Some of the jokes included buying of Pluto, launch of Virgin Volcanic, a company that will explore most active volcanoes across the world.