Stem Cell Conference at Vatican City

Stem Cell Conference at Vatican CityThe faculty and students of the Notre Dame toured the Vatican City to take part in the Second International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference. The conference is a three-day episode, including the participation of the selected group of medical experts, ethicists, students and financial analysts. The conference continued from April 11-13.

The conference, titled "Regenerative Medicine: A Fundamental Shift in Science and Culture", was conducted to encourage consciousness of adult stem cell study and its potential and the suggestions for the future use of the medicine.

The event was also attended by the Juniors Rebecca Marton and Kristin Springer and senior Margaret Kennedy alo0ng with professor of biological sciences David Hyde. The conference was also attended by the professor of program of liberal studies professor emeritus Phillip Sloan.

Both the Biology majors, Marton and Springer, work along with Hyde in the Center for Zebrafish Research. However, Kennedy, a double major in philosophy and accounting, works at the Notre Dame's Center for Ethics and Culture.

Marton said the conference was about science; however, it also discussed the ethical concerns of the research of stem cell. He also explained that one of the major goals of the conference was to discuss about the variations between the embryonic and adult stem cell research. They also talked about the awareness of the same.

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