Students Bagged Various Positions for their Science Projects

Students Bagged Various Positions for their Science ProjectsSources reported about two students from Joel Barlow High School who bagged the first prize for their project at Connecticut's only statewide science fair on March 16.

It was suggested that 200 projects were honored from the grand total of 448 projects that were submitted by various participants. These students were a part of the science research class under the mentoring of Dr. Katherine Nuzzo.

One of the senior, Theodoros Aris, who grabbed several prizes, told the title of his project. It was on Melting polar caps and Northern Hemisphere weather. He resolved the frequently unanswered question that whether there is an adjoining link between the melting of the polar caps and weather conditions in the Northern Hemisphere?

The student was granted an environmental science award with the Connecticut Association of Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commission. He was also honored with a Connecticut Science Fair medallion and an acrylic award.

He also banged the award in engineering and science from the University of New Haven. He was also given a $100 cash prize for having the top 11th or 12th grade project in environmental science.

Andrea McGowan, a sophomore, also won an honor for her project. Her project was about the Non-toxic biological indicator of food spoilage in pasteurized milk of varying fat content for consumer use. She also got a certificate and $25 from the U. S. Army. She was also entitled with second prize in life sciences.


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