Stem Cell Jab to Cure Heart Disease

Stem Cell Jab to Cure Heart DiseaseAccording to a new study, scientists have discovered a new technique to cure heart disease. Introduction of a stem cell jab into the heart muscle will soon have angioplasty and bypass surgery things of the past.

The easy and quick procedure involves some bone marrow from the patient's body to insert them into the person's heart. This enables to strengthen the heart muscle and help it repair itself.

The new treatment is developed by the Clinic's Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr Andre Terzic, lead researcher of the study, said that each patient who was treated with stem cells technique regained good heart pumping within six months. He added that the study has been validated by clinical evidence leading to a new approach in cardiovascular medicine.

As many as 45 heart failure patients participated in the study. The scientists treated them with a special type of stem cell taken out from the top of the patient's hip.

A particular type of protein cell was used by the scientists to instruct stem cells to behave like heart muscle cells, before injecting them into the patient's heart.

Dr. Terzic said that the treatment has moved beyond the realms of science fiction. The patients who received the new treatment showed a whooping seven percent increase in the amount of blood pumped out of the heart.