Red Meat Under Bad Light Again

Red-MeatRed meat seems to be coming under lime light, but not for good reasons. Earlier, red meat was said to be bad due to presence of saturated fats and cholesterol in it.

Yet again, red meat has come under bad light and this time, it's a chemical present in it named as carnitine. Experts were of the view that when the compound will enter into the body then it can harden the arteries. Hardening of arteries can lead to a rise in risk of heart attack.

For a number of years, doctors have been recommending that people should reduce the intake of red meat, which also includes steak and lamb. A research taken out by a group of researchers from the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, has found the compound carnitine.

Study researchers have found the compound among those people who eat a lot of red meat. Lead researcher Stuart Seides from MedStar Heart Institute in Washington said that for a long time, it was said that there is something more than cholesterol and saturated fats that has been causing the problem.

It is now that it has been found that compound carnitine is adding to the problem. "This is the first scientific link that may explain at least part of that association", said study researchers.