Aspirin’s Regular Use May Increase Pension Liabilities

Aspirin’s Regular Use May Increase Pension LiabilitiesAspirin's use is said to reduce cancer risk, but a risk modeler has affirmed that the drug's use can increase pension liabilities. The Risk Management Solutions Inc. has predicted that the rise in life span can cost as much as $100 billion in the form of pension liabilities.

According to the risk modeler, if people will start taking aspirin regularly then the pension cost for men will increase drastically. It has been said so as the cost in the UK will increase by 0.7% and that to in two decades.

In addition, it has been revealed through a study that daily intake of aspirin will not only reduce risk of cancer but will also prevent tumor spread. The study, which has been published in the Lancet medical journal, is expected to increase the sales of drug.

Dr. Charlie Fuchs, Director of gastrointestinal cancer program and working at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, said they have gone through a number of studies that have revealed the drug intake pattern among people.

After going through the studies, it has been revealed that there are a number of people in their 50s who have been regularly taking aspirin.

"Whatever is driving people to do it, it potentially has an impact on mortality through cancer risk reduction", said Fuchs.