Aspirin Reduces Risk of Developing Cancer by 25%

Aspirin Reduces Risk of Developing Cancer by 25%A recent study has found that a low-dose of Aspirin once in a week could reduce the risk of cancer by about 25%. The study conducted at Queen's University, Belfast, Ireland took the help of data regarding Prostate, Ovarian, Colorectal and lung cancer from the National Cancer Institute in order to study the effects of Aspirin on neck and head cancer. Not only this, the study indicates that if medicine is taken once in a month, it could keep the neck and head tumours at bay.

The report published in the Daily Express has claimed that the way Aspirin helps in decreasing the risk of heart disease, it would equally help in preventing cancer. Aspirin is an effective medicine to prevent all the cardiovascular diseases.

After the whole analysis, researchers reached to the conclusion that taking aspirin once in a week will prevent the risk of neck and head cancer by 22%. This was found to be the most effective way to prevent throat cancer.

People aging between 55 and 74 were the most benefitted by the medicine use to prevent throat and head cancer.

The researchers have named Aspirin wonder drug in their study.

The detailed study has been published in the British Journal of Cancer on February 28.