Scientists Make Stickier Tapes

Scientists Make Stickier TapesScientists knew long time ago that geckos are very sticky in nature, and thus, they can stick to even wet walls during tropical rainy weather.

In a recent study, it was revealed that these animals have sticky toes which enable the animals to stick on to wet surfaces which do not get uniformly wet. Thus, they can stick on to wax leaves but find hard to stick on wet glass.

This is "an interesting question that the field of gecko biology hasn't quite looked at before" now, said study leader Alyssa Stark, a biologist at the University of Akron in Ohio.

The scientists are trying to find out a material which will help the tapes to work even under water.

The scientists are studying the method by which these creatures work, and thus, after studying the data, the scientists will create a synthetic tape which will stick even on wet surfaces.

The scientists have found out that if a gecko is found on a tree during a rainstorm then the surrounding will not dry for a while and therefore, it becomes easy for it to escape from being caught.

It is very easy to catch this insect but it is very difficult to work in the laboratory as they are very aggressive in nature.