Romance on the internet invites Armed police raid

Romance on the internet invites Armed police raid

It was an internet romance between a New Zealand man and a German woman which compelled the police to raid a house in South Island. Police said that when the 30 year old German woman went to meet this man at the Dunedin airport she found that he was not the person with whom she had became friendly on the internet and she was deeply shocked.

Detective Senior Sergeant Steve McGregor said that the friends of this woman got worried and concerned when she did not turn up to be with them after meeting her internet friend.

Police visited a house in Roslyn, Dunedin, but not finding this woman there the armed offenders squad (AOS) was sent there. According to witnesses some sounds, like gun shots, were heard, coming from the Garfield Avenue, as dozens of armed police swarmed the house about 6.30pm on Saturday.

However police has denied the firing of any gun shots even though the situation was dangerous. During the raid some of the woman's belongings were found at the property, but the woman was not there. But just before the midnight on Saturday, she returned with the man.

Police has warned of the dangers of online friendships, meanwhile, police is not planning to lay charges against the man.