Bengaluru Celebrates World Sparrow Day

World-Sparrow-DayWorld Sparrow Day was celebrated in Bengaluru on March 20 as people and organizations at the city undertook various programs to get the sparrows back to urban areas from where they have almost disappeared.

An event regarding the same was organized by the BBMP Forest Cell on Wednesday at Yediyur Lake. It was attended by Mayor D. H. Venkatesh Murthy. At the event, he requested the citizens to be compassionate towards wild animals and birds that exist in the city.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate Muniyamma, who has been rearing sparrows at her home on the Old Airport Road from last 20 years. She also expressed her wish that she wanted the citizens to follow her.

Active participation of the city residents was also demanded by conservationists in order to restore the bird fauna lost by the city. Mohammed Dilawar, the Sparrow Man of India, said sparrows must co-exist in cities. "I started feeding sparrows in 2003. Today, 40 of them throng my house every morning in Yeshwanthpur", he said proudly.

The World Sparrow Day is celebrated worldwide on March 20 to raise awareness about the house sparrows and other common birds that are at risk of getting extinct.