Red Wine Can Fight Age-Related Diseases

Red Wine Can Fight Age-Related DiseasesIn a recent research, scientists have found that red wine is quite beneficial in fighting certain age-related diseases. The research was conducted by a group of some 30 researchers from across the world.

It emerged that a natural compound called resveratrol found in red wine was capable of fighting aging diseases. In a paper produced by the scientists, they said the human sirtuin protein called SIR1 fights aging disease and resveratrol and other sirtuin-activating compounds (STACs) are responsible for its activation.

An article regarding same was published in the journal Science. In 2003 also, it was said that resveratrol can activate SIR1 but later many questions doubting its ability to do the same emerged. But, in the recent research, researchers have proved the ability of resveratrol to combat ageing; however, they affirmed that it can do so under some specific conditions.

According to the article published in the journal, scientists have suggested that STACs are workable compounds in dealing with diseases linked to aging such as cancer, Alzheimer's and type-2 diabetes.

"There are real questions around whether it was even possible to do this. So this is the first time we're really proving that it's possible", said David Sinclair, one of the researchers and a professor of genetics at both the Harvard Medical School and the University of New South Wales.