Sex Can Lessen Migraine Pain, Says Study

Sex Can Lessen Migraine Pain, Says StudySex can treat headache and can act as a pill for migraine sufferers, say German researchers. A group of researchers from the University of Munster has carried out a study in which they have concluded that sex is a better medicine for headache than medicines.

In order to prove their hypothesis, the study researchers analyzed the survey answers of over 300 migraine sufferers and 96 people who had one sided headache.

Study researchers said that main thing that was asked in the survey was that how survey respondents felt about sexual experience during the time of their headache.

After going through the answers, it was revealed that more than 33% people suffering from migraine attack had sex at that time and 66% of them felt improvement in their condition. However, rest of the people found their headache to have worsened.

To talk about people suffering from cluster attack, 33% tried sex during headache and 37% of them witnessed improvement in their pain. But 50% found their condition to be getting worsened. "In total, 42.7 percent of all migraine patients experienced at least 50 percent relief - a response rate as high as in studies on acute medication", said the researchers.


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