Panel Discusses How to Meet Conditions like Sandy in Future

Panel Discusses How to Meet Conditions like Sandy in FutureThe Earth Institute organized a panel discussion this weekend and the topic was `whether the climate change science should be applied on urban environments'. Recently, this topic was debated over and again due to the havoc created by Hurricane Sandy in New York City last year.

Sandy affected 500 miles of coastlines of New York, New Jersey and Long Island. According to Lisa Goddard, Director of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, there is more requirement of working on factors that would help in lessening climate change. "We need to adapt to climate change. Period. Just because we have a growing population and growing infrastructure, adaptation is not a debatable topic", added Goddard.

Other panelists also echoed the same viewpoint and added that adaptation should be towards the already done damage and more work should be done for mitigation. Not understanding and realizing the warnings and damages due to climate change is improbable. The panelists also emphasized that disaster risk management should be added in order to minimize the damages and loss during such disastrous weather conditions.

The New York City Task Force is working on the study of damages during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 and expected damages if such weather condition is faced again in future.