Michelle Obama’s Oscar stint gets criticism

Michelle Obama’s Oscar stint gets criticism Michelle Obama's appearance on the Oscars was a delight but there were those who criticized it as well. Michelle Obama presented the final award for the Academy Award ceremony, the best film, from the White House. The award went to Ben Affleck's super hit movie `Argo'.

What people questioned was why was the first lady there in the first place and is it really her job?? Well she does watch movies and that describes her presence. Speaking about Obama's Oscar stunt, her communications director, Kristina Schake said in a statement, "As a movie lover, she was honored to present the award and celebrate the artists who inspire us all - especially our young people."

While First lady Laura Bush's former chief of staff Anita McBride opined that Michelle Obama should have walked down the red carpet like any other celebrity, some say was the whole thing really necessary?? Obama's have been known to step out for television shows, sports events, social media more than any of the previous presidential families but why people would take that in a negative manner is not understandable. They are comfortable being who they are and well people should just be happy they are as much a part of the general public as any random person.


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