Executive Talks about Possible Benefits with Medicaid Expansion

Executive Talks about Possible Benefits with Medicaid ExpansionFamilies USA, a national health-care consumer group, had lately carried out an analysis. Following the same, it affirmed that the expansion of Medicaid program by way of national health care reform would improve Florida's economic activity.

The same would probably be boosted by some $8.9 billion in 2016, said the report. On Wednesday, the group based in Washington, D. C. said that the expansion of the program through Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) would mean eligibility of 1.8 million uninsured Floridians for Medicaid.

Not only there would be higher number of insured people, but job growth would also be seen. The group lobbied on behalf of all consumers, the report says. It is being said that the expanded Medicaid would prove beneficial for residents and business as well as the health-care industry.

Executive director of Florida Chain, Laura Goodhue, said that the health-care industry would likely have many new jobs. Also, it is likely, as per the findings, that some 71,300 new jobs are created in 2016 alone.

"This is truly a hallelujah moment for the working families throughout the state, and it augurs well for other Republican governors making the same decision for their states", said Families USA Executive Director Ron Pollack.