Sudden Death for contestants of American Idol

Sudden Death for contestants of American IdolIt was a dramatic night at American Idol as the contestants faced a sudden death round. For the 40 remaining contestants on the show it was a new twist, `One song, one chance and no mercy'. As the contestants made their way on stage to what seemed like the performance of a life time, with it came countless comments from the judges who had under scrutiny each and every aspect of the contestants performance and looks as well. If some sang well they didn't pass the look test.

And when it was time to announce who made the cut the results were as shocking as ever. However the top three power pact performances of the night given by Kree Harrison from Nashville who sand `Up to the Mountain', 18 year old Angela Miller of Massachusetts who sang Jessie J's hit number `Nobody's Perfect' and last was an assistant teacher from Texas, Amber Holcomb who performed the song `My Funny Valentine'. All three made it through without any doubt. And the drama was set when the judges had to pick the last contestant who made through, and that spot when to 17 year old Adriana Latonio who sang `Ain't No Way' by Aretha Franklin. Thursday's episode will see the first round of 10 where many brilliant singers will be sent home.


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