Renault and Nissan Collaborate to Open Advanced Research Center

Renault and Nissan Collaborate to Open Advanced Research CenterRenault and Nissan have decided to open a new facility dubbed the Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley. The center would pay heed to connected cars and autonomous driving, the automakers told.

A coalition named the Renault-Nissan Alliance had earlier in 2011 been formed by the two so that a US research center could be opened. The new advanced research center has helped the companies to have expanded presence in Silicon Valley.

The aim of the center with autonomous vehicles is to see the future with safe as well as stress-free mobility. As per the findings, Nissan's global research capability would be improved with the new center as it would allow for collaborative associations with research institutions and companies.

The report found in the mean time that autonomous driving is a big interest area for a number of automakers as well as technology companies in the world. The autonomous vehicles come with the ability to run themselves without any input using an array of sensors and GPS from a human.

One of the firms in the autonomous driving field is Google Inc., which probably has the world's biggest armada of self-driving vehicles.

Nissan is seeking to research connected vehicles so that the internet and infrastructure could be tapped by them and energy and efficiency could be maximized.