Winipeg Students Talk to Chris Hadfield While He Floats in Space

Winipeg Students Talk to Chris Hadfield While He Floats in SpaceChris Hadfield spoke to a group of students from Winnipeg while he was orbiting earth. Hadfield is an astronaut at International Space Station representing Canadian Space Agency. Students got an extraordinary opportunity to ask questions from the celebrity astronaut, who was recently in the news for doing a duet with the barenaked ladies at a part of space very far from earth.

Chris Hadfield went into space two months ago and he is expected to return in May when his mission is scheduled to end. Students asked Chris about researches he is been doing. Hadfield answered the question by saying "Everything from studying how my body changes to collecting dark matter from the universe". Moreover, he said that he is involved in fixing equipment, maintaining lab and doing experiments, which is sort of lab technician. Hadfield provided a brilliant opportunity to students in 2011 as a part of four day tour through the Prairies, where he talked to the students in person before he boarded the space station.

Hadfield said inspiring young Canadians is one of his major goals. He has maintained an active Twitter account and he also tweeted on the photos of Winnipeg from space. Jaclyn Blacklock got extremely excited when her family and friends were informed by the Ph. D. students of University of Waterloo that she was one of the students going to talk to Canada's celebrity astronaut Chris Hadfield.


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