New system offered by Govt to deal with internet piracy

New system offered by Govt to deal with internet piracy

It would no longer be easy for copyright cheats to download music and movies from internet, as the Copyright Tribunal has been given the power to fine or disconnect offenders, by the government.

While many not realize it, the fact is that the entertainment industry has to bear a loss of tens of millions of dollars every year in New Zealand due to the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. Piracy has become so common that the govt. has come forward with an aim to put an end to it, by making the legislation tougher.

According to MP Simon Power, "We can't have a lawless cyberspace for people have rights who have copyright rights."

The scheme by Mr. Power, which was made public today, will mainly target repeat offenders.

"If a copyright infringement is suspected, the internet service provider sends the culprit a warning. If they continue to infringe it is followed by a cease-and-desist notice," explained Mr. Power.

As the new system, the tribunal informs the copyright holder about copyright infringement, who then sends a notice of infringement to the user. In case this does not work, the tribunal has full right to impose a fine or terminate the user's internet account altogether.