FMLA Works Partially

FMLA Works PartiallyTwenty years ago, President Bill Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act that was prepared for the welfare of employees but according to workers' rights groups; there are still many employees who don't feel provisioned under the act. They are still left with no other option but to make a choice between their family and their job. This becomes quite unfair and difficult; especially, during a serious incident.

According to FMLA, each of the employees is allowed to have 12 weeks unpaid leave in case of a baby birth or a serious illness in the family. But on this anniversary of FMLA, the group has highlighted a few discrepancies that the Act features. Considering this, they have also asked for the modification and expansion of the law so that a new rule could come into existence.

When FMLA talks about illness in family, there are a number of restrictions that hinder. Like, approximately 40% of the workforce is stated ineligible. As said by Ellen Bravo, of Family Values @ Work, "It has a very narrow definition of family".

In case of same-sex partners or for the grandparents; the Act does not allow taking leave. Moreover, only those employees are allowed for such a leave who work for at least 25 hours a week.


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