Your Blood Type Can Detect Your Risks of Blood Clotting, say Researchers

Your Blood Type Can Detect Your Risks of Blood Clotting, say ResearchersResearchers are claiming to have noticed connection between the AB blood type and increased risks of blood clots.

Yes, the new study of the experts is detailing about the risks that can generate suddenly from the blood clots, which basically form in the veins of the lower legs. They explained that the blood clots can break off and get lodged in tiny arteries in the lungs, which can then block the blood flow to further cause intense pain or difficulty in breathing or even sudden death (in some cases), it happens because blood is unable to extract required oxygen from the lungs.

According to medical data, approx 2 million people every year develop such clots, which are known as deep-vein thrombosis i. e. DVT, an economy-class syndrome and about 200,000 die suddenly from complications of this condition.

There are several genetic factors, explain researchers, which, they believe play a major role in how likely a person is to develop clots. Some are: particular mutations in genes for Factor V Leiden and one of the clotting agents known as prothrombin, etc.

But researchers when tested for the role of blood types in clotting risk, they noticed AB blood type to be the largest contributor for the increased risks of blood clots.

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