Air NZ fits blended winglets to wings of 767 aircraft

Air NZ fits blended winglets to wings of 767 aircraft

Air New Zealand hopes to reduce its fuel consumption by more than six million litres a year, by fixing a new 3.4m high wing tips on its fleet of Boeing 767 aircraft.

Today, the airline's first Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, fitted with blended winglets, landed at Auckland International Airport. 

With the help of the blended winglets, the aircraft’s wings become more efficient, as they cut the drag; thereby reducing fuel use and emissions.

According to Air New Zealand general manager airline operations, Captain David Morgan, with the blended winglets the aircraft also climbed faster and show an improvement in payload performance.

It has also been learnt that the dryers are also being installed by the airline in its 767 fleet, with the aim of reducing the moisture trapped in the insulation between the aircraft's outer-skin and the cabin lining.

“They will remove around 200kg of water from each aircraft, reducing weight, fuel consumption and carbon emissions,” said Captain Morgan, who added that the dryers will help in saving an additional 320,000 litres of fuel and 800 tonnes of carbon emissions annually across the fleet of five 767 aircraft.