Indonesian Foreign Affairs Dept Warns Australians about Alcohol

Indonesian Foreign Affairs Dept Warns Australians about AlcoholA Perth teenager lost its life after having alcohol-based drink in Indonesia. Controversy took place as people demanded security when they travel to other countries across the globe.

Action was also demanded from Indonesian authorities that they should warn people about such drinks. It is now that the Indonesian authorities have taken action and its foreign affairs department has updated information about drinking spirits.

The department officials have warned Australians to be cautious about alcohol based drinks and especially the liquor arak, which is quite famous in the country. Liam Davies consumed the alcohol drink which contained methanol and lost his life.

Since then a number of concerns have been raised by people about such things taking place in the country. Investigation reports have revealed that a Canadian tourist also suffered the poisoning on the same night on which Liam died. He was admitted in a Bali hospital, where he was diagnosed with severe methanol poisoning.

''The alcohol thing, the cause celebre of the day, we are just starting to understand how widespread it is. We are hearing more and more about it and it's getting worse", said Richard Flax, who heads the emergency services at Bali. He said that toxic booze is quite a concern in the region.