Encasing Asbestos Not a Safe Option

Encasing Asbestos Not a Safe OptionConsidering health options, Canterbury's Medical Officer of Health Alistair Humphrey, has warned that health impacts of asbestos will be far more than any other costs.

In Earthquake Commission's Health Programme, it has been said that covering cracked ceilings with asbestos is not a healthy option. There are still 4,000 earthquake damaged homes and the policy is being reconsidered.

Canterbury District Health Board medical officer of health, Alistair Humphrey is of the opinion that concealing information from the house owners would be serious risk for health. Encasing asbestos is a wrong option and it should be finally removed.

Various lung diseases, including cancer can harm the person if exposed to higher levels. This has been termed as a very unfortunate legacy to follow for Christchurch.

EQC has concerns over the fact that asbestos can be drilled now but in future this will leave huge sediment of problems for posterity. Under Land Information Memorandum (LIM), there will be a witnessed hesitancy by the landlords too. Policy needs a check now.

According to EQC home repair programme manager, Reid Stiven, encasement policy has followed health standards. He said that home owners were told about that fact that if asbestos would be found it shall be encased. He calls it a reliable method.


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