Kris Jenner protects Kim from haters on Twitter

Kris Jenner protects Kim from haters on Twitter The news of Kim Kardashian's pregnancy sure came as a shock to many. The reality stars boyfriend rapper Kanye West surprised audiences at his concert in Atlantic City announcing the news of becoming a father. In the middle of his performance he asked for the music to be stopped and urged the audiences to `make some noise for my baby mama' pointing at his girlfriend Kim in the audience. According to a family member of West who was present at the concert when he made the announcement said that the news came as a surprise to the family as well including Kim as none of them had any idea Kanye would be announcing the news to everyone at the event. It was a very emotional moment.

Meanwhile mom Kris Jenner has been giving a piece of her mind to all the haters on twitter who posted rude remarks on a picture posted by Kim on her account where she is in a nightclub. Fans have termed it as unhealthy and called Kim she's not fit to be a mother while another called her `fat' asking her to lose some weight. Kris sure didn't let this go by and wrote in response "Kim Kardashian is 32 and she's pregnant, but why all who are 16 with 4 kids and no baby daddy... and why all calling her a slut? Please, have a seat." Also reports are that Kim's 25 year old brother Rob Kardashian has also made remarks on two of her sisters Kim and Kourtney for having babies with men they are not married to.


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