Addressing Mental Health Needs

Addressing Mental Health NeedsSince, the massive killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, has taken place; families out in the community are highly feared. The reason behind the same is not that this king of terror attack has happened for the first time. But it is because they either have a mental health patient at their home or in neighbours.
The attack had taken lives of many innocent children and behind the same was a patient of mental health, which probably only has caused him do so. But, it is being said by experts that people should stop fearing and should act wisely.
Gun laws are being asked to be stricter. Also, bans on certain weapons are being urged to be tightened. But rather, one should focus on improving mental health services so that people get well and do not behave in an aggressive manner.
It is very likely that Adam Lanza, the accused behind Sandy Hook case, would not have committed such crime if he would have received treatment in time. It was not the gun that took the lives; rather his urge to pull the trigger has probably done so.