Mesothelioma Cancer Cases on Rise in Australia

Mesothelioma Cancer Cases on Rise in AustraliaThough a number of efforts have been put in over all the years since the 1970s to phase out asbestos products across Australia, a recent report has raised concerns revealing that the disease caused by these is still on high rise.

It is being said that in the 20th century's second half, high use of asbestos has been seen wide across the country. And the cases of mesothelioma cancer are increasing along with an augment in the count of deaths.

It is not that removal process is not in progress, but even banning of the product, in action since 2003, does not stop it from being in public buildings and around homes. Bill Shorten MP, Federal Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, had declared in September 2012 that do-it-yourself home renovators are at risk of the cancer.

The researchers have found that using immune-enhancing reagents can boost chemotherapy-driven tumour shrinkage. "Our approach, therefore, is to ramp up the immune system during these anticancer therapies to get a much better result", the School of Biomedical Sciences' Senior Research Fellow Nelson said.

The Curtin team aims not only to develop a treatment that kills the tumour, but also that does not allow the tumour to recur in patients. It says that a long-term protection is necessary.


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