Medical Centre Fails to Cope Ambulance Ramping

Medical Centre Fails to Cope Ambulance RampingSA Health has made a number of efforts to keep the beds free at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide. But, as per a recent report, all efforts are likely failing since the problem of ramping was again seen at the hospital.

The scenario has been highlighted by the ambulance officers' union. It has been told that Wednesday, a back-up of three ambulances was caused at times due to blockages in the emergency department. SA Health has also agreed that the medical centre has seen lengthy delays.

However, the South Australian Government has affirmed that health specialist Dr. Mark Monaghan's reviews all 52 recommendations.

The report finds that a patient had to wait outside A&E in an ambulance for more than an hour. And it was indeed an extremely busy day as a total of 215 patients had been seeking to be admitted in the emergency ward.

Therefore only, a spokeswoman said that Flinders is one of the hospitals performing best on the grounds of turnaround time. "There's been a significant improvement in that in this last year. In fact yesterday the average turnaround time was 23 minutes, with the agreed level being 30 minutes", Belinda Moyes, the spokeswoman was quoted as saying.


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