Ban on Commercial Use of Sun Beds Needed

Ban on Commercial Use of Sun Beds NeededThe Victorian government has joined hands with NSW and South Australia to ban the commercial use of sun beds. The Victorian government has said that they have been making efforts to reduce the harm caused by sun beds, but they want a national strategy for the same.

It has been said that commercial solariums will no more be operational in Victoria from December 31, 2014. "Along with banning commercial solaria in Victoria, we will also seek to work with the commonwealth and states on a national approach on solaria that could include a ban", said Premier Ted Baillieu.

South Australia and NSW are among the states, which have also said that they are going to ban the commercial use of sun beds from the same date. There are chances that Queensland also joins the move, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Baillieu said that commercial use of sun beds have led to a rise in skin cancer cases. If these sun beds get banned then a huge decline can be witnessed in number of skin cancer. Health Minister David Davis also acknowledges the risk of sun beds. Skin cancer prevention programme should be made to bring a decline in the cancer cases.


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