Essential IT Services Comes To Aid of Medical Centre

Essential IT Services Comes To Aid of Medical CentreWith a group of suspected Russian hackers holding on to medical records of a local medical centre, Gold Coast-based reseller Essential IT Services has been given the responsibility to take on the matter. While the identity of the hacker group is yet to be revealed, it has been claimed that it has been affected by the Miami Family Medical Centre badly, and apparently the hackers are demanding whooping $4000 to release the files stored in a server.

It was done after the hackers disabled the server, followed by the anti-virus and backup software, thereby encrypting the centre's files and furthermore deleting it followed by writing then all over again separately.

"The backup system in place was pretty good but the recovery of the data and getting them up and running has been a bit of a job as it was a data backup and not a full system image backup", said Fillmore, while sharing that their client has the backups on DAT tapes each day and another external drive backup offsite, thereby proving that there is no case they would be paying the ransom amount.

It would be worth seeing as when and how the confidential data would be recovered and what further steps would be taken to deal with such unexpected cyber attacks.


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