Gillard Aims to End Female Genital Mutilation In Australia

Gillard Aims to End Female Genital Mutilation In AustraliaIn a much-needed move, Julia Gillard has come out to voice opposition on the long-running practice of female genital mutilation in Australia. While assuring that more and more efforts would be made in order to raise awareness about the "barbaric" practice, the Prime Minister committed abut a national summit on the same.

"We do not know how widespread this practice is in Australia but we know there have been instances, and anecdotal evidence suggests these are not isolated", said Gillard while explaining that there would be new research and data collection in order to track down female victims living in Australia who are getting the desired support.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Attorney-General Nicola Roxon would be leading the review which would shed light on how women are being protected against the practice and what all needs to be done to further strengthen the legal framework.

Moreover, there would be some $500,000 infused in organizations to make sure that more and more public awareness programmes are being conducted to highlight the severity of the issue.

With some 140 million girls and women victims of genital mutilation, as per World Health Organisation, it would be worth seeing what all would be done to address the rising concern.


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