Health Authorities Fail to Trace Legionnaires' Outbreak Cause

Health Authorities Fail to Trace Legionnaires' Outbreak CauseLegionnaires' disease has left health authorities in mayhem as the source they were suspecting for its outbreak turned out to be incorrect. Tests were conducted by them, as per a recent report, but these failed to solve the mystery i. e. the epidemic cause.

A number of cases of the virus were confirmed some nine days back, which had given rise to warnings to people. Residents of Bundoora had been asked to remain cautious of any kind of flu-like symptoms. But now, the detected cases themselves have created a perplexity.

The report finds that out of three victims, one was not infected and he actually has come out to be false positive for the disease in a follow-up testing.

A water cooling tower situated nearby the region was being thought to be the source, but lab tests have resulted negatively. Bram Alexander, a spokesman for Health Department is not surprised and says it is common to fail to locate the cause.

55 cases have been reported this year though. There should be no more fear as no more cases have been known.

"The Department of Health is continuing its investigation into this possible infection control breach and advises people to exercise caution before undergoing cosmetic procedures in private homes", Chief Health Officer Tarun Weeramanthri said.


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